Social Media Data


this is the mapping between transformed and original fields in Dianping.

Original Field Transformed Field Description
shopId _id Uniquene ID In NExT UGC Data
shopurl url  
geo geo  
shopId id Uniquene ID In Dianping
shopName name  
comment_rst crst  
fee fee  
taste taste  
surroundings srd  
service service  
address adres  
contact contact  
tag tag  
shop-gallery sg  
images images  
alias alias  
description desc  
recommend rcmd  
suitable stb  
feature fture  
open_time opt  
transit trst  
reviews reviews  
comment_time crtdt  
content content  
fetchTime fetdt data fetched time
userid uid  
shopid sid in reviews
classification classification data classification in NExT
docloc docloc  
lang lang language