Social Media Data


this is the mapping between transformed and original fields in Foursquare.

Original Field Transformed Field Description
id _id Uniquene ID In NExT UGC Data
id id Uniquene ID In Foursquare
createdAt crtdt  
timeZone timz  
timeZoneOffset timzo  
visibility visib  
twitterid tid  
twitteruid tuid  
twittername tname  
userurl uurl  
username uname  
userpic upic  
checkinId chkid  
checkinurl chkurl  
text text  
fetdt fetdt data fetched time
lng lng geo.longitude
lat lat geo.latitude
distance dist  
fuzzy fuzzy  
vname vname venue/name
vid vid venue/id
score score  
type type  
textCount textct  
photos photos  
source source  
likes likes  
usrid usrid user/id
shout shout  
origin origin data original source(Foursquare)
classification classification data classification in NExT
lang lang language
user user user info
id id user/id
id uid  
firstName fstn  
canonicalUrl cancu  
lastName lastName  
homeCity homct  
photo photo  
venue venue venue info
id id  
verified verif  
stats stats  
checkinsCount chkc  
usersCount usrc  
tipCount tipc  
restricted restricted  
location loc  
astralLng astralLng  
astralLat astralLat  
state state  
crossStreet crossStreet  
city city  
country conty  
planet planet  
postalCode postc  
address addrs  
cc cc  
lng lng  
lat lat  
contact contact  
formattedPhone fomph  
phone phone  
url url  
categories categ  
id id  
icon icon  
size size  
prefix pre  
mapPrefix mapPrefix  
name name  
suffix suffix  
pluralName pluln  
primary primary  
name name  
shortName shtn  
specials specials  
urlSig urlSig  
name name venue/name
likes likes  
hereNow hereNow