Social Media Data


this is the mapping between transformed and original fields in Flickr.

Original Field Transformed Field Description
originalPhotoId _id Uniquene ID In NExT UGC Data
originalPhotoId id Uniquene ID In Flickr
origin origin data original source(Flickr)
classification classification data classification in NExT
docloc docloc  
lang lang  
description desc  
filePath filep  
fileType filet  
height_l high  
height_o higho  
isPublic ispub  
imageUrl imgur  
latitude lat  
longitude logit  
placeName plcn  
referenceUrl refur  
title title  
width_l width  
width_o widtho  
ownerId ownid  
ownerName ownn  
siteType sitty  
fetchTime fetdt data fetched time
cityName citn  
takenDate takdt  
uploadDate updt  
comments comments  
comment comt  
commentTime comtt  
pid pid the id of the photo which this comment belongs to
apertureValue aptv  
dateTime datt  
exposureBias expbi  
exposureTime expt  
fNumber fnum  
flash flash  
focalLength flen  
imageHeight imgh  
imageWidth imgw  
isoSpeed isosp  
camera cama  
tag tag  
username uname  
realname rname  
location loc  
timezone timez  
label label  
offset offset  
photosurl phurl  
profileurl pfurl  
mobileurl murl  
photos photos  
firstdatetaken fdt  
firstdate fd  
count count  
id id  
nsid nsid  
ispro ispro  
iconserver iser  
iconfarm icfm  
path_alias palias