Social Media Data


this is the mapping between transformed and original fields in Youtube.

Original Field Transformed Field Description
id _id Uniquene ID In NExT UGC Data
id id Uniquene ID In Youtube
origin origin data original source(Youtube)
classification classification data classification in NExT
docloc docloc  
lang lang language
filePath filep  
fileType filet  
fileTypeNum filetn  
mediaGroup mGroup  
mediaDuration mDuration  
mediaTitle mTitle  
mediaThumbnail mThumbnail  
mediaPlayer mPlayer  
mediaKeywords mKeywords  
mediaDescription mDesc  
mediaContent mContent  
mediaCategory mCategory  
feedLink fLink  
countHint cHint  
isDefault isDef  
videoUrl vurl  
latitude lat  
longitude logit  
title title  
name name  
fetchTime fetdt  
published published  
updated updated  
tag tag  
is_fetched_type_related ift_related  
is_fetched_type_top_rated ift_top_rated  
is_fetched_type_top_favorites ift_top_favorites  
is_fetched_type_most_viewed ift_most_viewed  
is_fetched_type_most_popular ift_most_popular  
is_fetched_type_most_recent ift_most_recent  
is_fetched_type_most_discussed ift_most_discussed  
is_fetched_type_most_responded ift_most_responded  
is_fetched_type_recently_featured ift_recently_featured  
is_fetched_type_most_shared ift_most_shared  
is_fetched_type_on_the_web ift_on_the_web