Social Media Data

What is NExT?

NExT is a Center jointly setup between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University. It received $10M funding in May 2010 from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) through the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office (IDMPO). With Prof Chua Tat Seng from NUS and Prof Sun Maosung from Tsinghua as the Co-Directors, the Centre focuses on research in “extreme search”, aiming at developing technologies to search for live and dynamic data beyond what is indexed in the current Web. In particular, the Center focuses on crawling and mining user-generated contents (UGC’s) in Singapore and Beijing. Click here for more details...


What is NExT Social Media Data?

As a part of the Live Observatory, NExT builds robust live crawlers to monitor and crawl data from several social media sites including Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.. The User Generated Contents (UGCs) we crawled include text, image, location-oriented UGC, as well as user, annotation and other structured information. For legal reasons, the data can only be used internally for research purposes.


How much data?

As of 18 Jun 2013, we have archived a total of over 1.8 billion clean data records including 276 million images and 92,484 videos. We started our crawling effort since May 2012. Please refer to our  Live Crawler for more details on the data size.


Who Can Use NExT Social Media Data?

The data is opened to NExT researchers only because of legal limitations. We are working on large scale test data set in the areas of brand and product tracking, event detection, and visual object/entity detection. We are also working towards the sharing of high-level anlytics. 


How can I get the data?

(The following is applicable only to NExT researchers.)

  • Register first and provide user infomation. 
  • Determine what data you need from our data list based on your tasks.
  • Click your name and submit your data request for approval.
  • Once your request is approved, you can download the requested data within one month.
  • If your request is expired, you will not be allowed to download data. If you need to continue downloading, you need to submit the data request again. 


Can I share data to others?

No. NExT does not own the copyright of these social data. These data can only to used internally and for noncommercial research purposes. You are 'absolutely forbidden' to share / copy these data to others. Besides, NExT provides only the metadata and URLs of images and videos. You are required to read and agree to the "terms and conditions".

Contact points

For questions regarding NExT data, Please contact Dr. Luan Huanbo ( and Mr. Hou Dejun (