Social Media Data


this is the mapping between transformed and original fields in Twitter.

Original Field Transformed Field Description
id _id Uniquene ID In NExT UGC Data
id id Uniquene ID In Twitter
text text  
geo geo  
retweeted retwt  
in_reply_to_screen_name irtn  
in_reply_to_status_id irtsi  
in_reply_to_user_id irtui  
truncated trunc  
retid retid retweetid/转发微博id
user/id uid userid/用户id
entities entt  
hashtags hast  
user_mentions userm  
user_mentions/id userm/id  
user_mentions/name userm/name  
user_mentions/screen_name userm/sname  
source sourc  
created_at crtdt  
retweet_count retct  
place place  
place/attributes place/attr  
place/bounding_box place/bbox  
place/bounding_box/coordinates place/bbox/coord  
place/bounding_box/type place/bbox/type  
place/country place/coun  
place/country_code place/counc  
place/full_name place/fname  
place/id place/id  
place/name place/name  
place/place_type place/pltyp  
place/url place/url  
location loc  
statuses_count stact  
lang lang  
favourites_count favct  
protected prote  
description desc  
verified vrfed  
name name  
followers_count folct  
geo_enabled geoen  
url url  
utc_offset utcof  
time_zone timez  
notifications notif  
friends_count frdct  
screen_name sname  
profile_image_url head  
listed_count listc  
withheld_in_countries whcun  
withheld_scope whsc  
fetchTime fetdt data fetch time
media/expanded_url media/expu  
media/display_url media/dispu  
media/media_url media/mdau  
origin origin data original source(Twitter)
classification classification data classification in NExT
docloc docloc  
lang lang language