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About NExT++

NExT++ Center aims to research heterogeneous data analytics with insights. In the past, the Center has been working on rich media content analysis and search, live social media analytics. It has built large-scale systems for the live social observatory, wellness, and question-answering. As a result, the Center has incubated two successful technology startup companies — ViSenze, focusing on mobile visual search and analytics and 6Estates, focusing on unstructured data analytics for finance and marketing.


In recent years, we have seen three key trends in R&D in IT and applications. First, the availability of large-scale multi-channel heterogeneous data along with domain knowledge. Hence the computational models must be able to take advantage of these data types and channels for effective computation; Second, the emergence and dominance of deep learning AI systems for a wide range of applications. Many such applications in vertical domains with large amounts of data are being solved effectively. However, although deep learning methods are found to be effective, they are often criticized for being opaque, unexplainable, and occasionally make big mistakes that humans would not usually make. Third, towards developing AI systems that are trustworthy and accountable. With AI systems being used in applications that affect the daily lives of users, many governments, corporations, and increasingly end users are demanding these systems to be ethical, accountable, and robust. As explainability is the easiest to tackle, many current research efforts focus on explainable AI.


In line with these trends and beyond, we have refined our research to work on the following research areas:

The first three research areas aim to advance fundamental research on Video Analytics, Knowledge Graph Construction, and Explainable AI. Areas 4-6 cover technologies to support interactive applications, including Recommendation Technology, Conversational Search, and Dialogue Systems. The last two research areas address the applications in Fintech and E-Commerce.


In addition to top-quality Research and Innovations, NExT++ also addresses the Enterprise demands by offering fertile testbed for idea generation, experimentation, and technopreneurship. We have worked closely with many companies on e-commerce and wellness recommendations and financial decision making. We have also offered many datasets for crucial emerging areas of research and technology toolkits for use by the local industry.  Overall, NExT++ Center aims to be a hotbed for top-quality research, the cradle for creation and piloting of new ideas and leading-edge technologies, and playground for modern enterprises.

Recent News


One Full Paper Accepted to AAAI 2021

10 February, 2021

Fuli Feng Presented Keynote at 2020 中国科技峰会

2 November, 2020

Liqiang Nie Receives SIGMM Rising Star Award 2020

20 October, 2020

ACM Multimedia 2020 Best Paper Award

16 October, 2020