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Prof Chua Presents Keynotes at 2020北京智源大会

3 July, 2020 by NExT

On June 21-24, 2020, BAAI (official website: ) will invite hundreds of AI leaders, including six Turing Prize winners, to discuss the next decade of artificial intelligence. Titled 2020北京智源大会, there will be around 19 thematic forums and Prof. Chua Tat-Seng gave a talk on the topic of ‘Multimodal Conversational Search’.


Information search has been evolving from mostly unidirectional and text-based to interactive and multimodal. Recently, there is also a growing interest in all matters conversational. By incorporating multimodal conversation, it offers users a natural way to query the system by combining text/speech, images/videos and possibly gesture. It also helps to tackle the basic asymmetric problem in search by injecting conversation to resolve ambiguities in search and recommendation. However, the evolution from traditional IR to conversational IR faces many challenges. Among them are the need to develop new models and framework to: model multimodal context and history, integrate domain knowledge and user models; conduct interactive IR and QA, develop intervention strategy to incorporate conversation into browsing; and integrate conversation with recommendation, database search and Web search. Moreover, there are the issues of resources, methodologies and biasness in evaluating (multi-turn) conversational search systems. This talk presents current research in tackling these problems with pointers towards future research.

For more information about BAAI 2020, please refer to the conference website: /.

The presentation slides for the talk on Multimodal Conversational Search are available here.