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FinIR 2020 Grand Challenge

8 April, 2020 by NExT

This grand challenge is focused on the commodity market with financial documents of news reports and analyst reports in multiple languages at scale. Commodities are homogeneous, tradable and widely used as the raw materials for industry, such as crude oil, steel, and agricultural products. Commodity prices are influenced by many factors such as economic development, trading policy, geopolitics, etc., which are recorded in relevant documents such as news reports and analyst reports. Mining influential factors from the streaming of these documents are of great practical value to predict the future price movement of commodities and facilitate various stakeholders (e.g., factories) making profitable decisions in time.

The target of the grand challenge is to predict the price movement direction of a commodity at different time-horizons, such as 1-day, 20-day, and 60-day, by additionally analyzing the financial documents. The time-horizon is the number of trading days between the current trading day and the expected trading day. This competition mainly focuses on the six base metals: Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Nickel, Zinc and Tin.

For details and registration of the challenge, please visit FinIR 2020 Grand Challenge.

Key Dates

The competition is divided into two stages (GMT+8):

Stage 1: April 1st 00:00 to June 15th 23:59, evaluation based on the predictions on every trading day in 2018.
Note: Submission opens on April 9.

Stage 2: June 18st 00:00 to June 25th 23:59, evaluation based on the predictions on every trading day in 2019.

Organized by: NExT Research Center together with Four Element Capital, Hessian Matrix, MegaTech.AI