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NExT++ Workshop 2018

17 May, 2018 by NExT

NExT++  has successfully organised the NExT++ Workshop 2018 on the 17 May 2018 at the innovation 4.0, NUS. The workshop involved participants from the industries as well as from NUS, Tsinghua University and University of Southampton. The workshop covered various topics such as Knowledge graphs, Chatbots, Wellness, Fintech and more.

We would like to thank everyone for being supportive of our event and willing to share their piece of work with participants during the event. Do note that some slides and posters will not be uploaded as requested by the speaker/author.

Program: NExT Workshop 2018 Program

Opening Talk:  Prof Chua Tat Seng (KITHCT Chair Professor & Director, NExT++ NUS) [PPT][Artwork]

Session 1: Wellness
Talk 1: BreatheEasy.City – Designing Lifestyle Interventions for Asthma Patients, by Dr Aastha Madaan (Research Fellow, University of Southampton) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 2: TIMES Interactve: Tsing-tec Intelligent Medical Exam System, by Dr Yang Bin (Deputy Director, Institute for Internet Behaviour – Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 3: From Food to Wellness: The Tangle of Knowledge Graph and Artificial Intelligence, by Dr Ming Zhaoyan (Senior Research Scientist, NExT++ NUS) [PPT] [Artwork]

Session 2: Knowledge Graph and Chatbot
Talk 4: Bridging Text and Knowledge Base for Joint Representation of Word and Entities, by Prof Li Juanzi (Director, Knowledge Engineering Group – Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 5: Multimodal Knowledge Graph and its application in Fashion Chatbots, Ms. Liao Lizi (PhD Student, NExT++ NUS) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 6: Towards Building More Intelligent Chatbots, by Assoc Prof Huang Minlie (Associate Professor, Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 7: Task-Oriented Chatbots Using Seq2seq Architectures, by Mr Lei Wenqiang (PhD Student, WINGS NUS) [PPT] [Artwork]

Session 3: Fintech

Talk 8: Temporal Relational Model for Asset Price Estimation, Mr Feng Fuli (PhD Student, NExT++ NUS) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 9: Network Analysis for Fintech, Assoc Prof Tang Jie (Associate Professor, Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 10: A Look at Fundamental and Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, Dr Zhang Huai (Research Fellow, Institute for Internet Behaviour – Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]

Session 4: Learning Platform and Others
Talk 11: Production Scale Deep Learning Platform for Vision Tasks, Dr Li Guangda (CTO & Co- Founder, ViSenze) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 12: Data Augmentation with Conditional Generation, Dr Sun Qianru (Research Fellow, NExT++ NUS) [PPT] [Artwork]
Talk 13: Interactive Graph Computing and Weibo Data, Dr Han Wentao (Post-Doc Researcher, Tsinghua University) [PPT] [Artwork]

1. Temporal Relational Ranking for Stock Prediction – Feng Fuli, He Xiangnan, Wang Xiang, Luo Cheng, Liu Yiqun, Chua Tat-Seng [Poster]
2. Knowledge-enhanced Fashion Chatbot – Lizi Liao, Yunshan Ma, Xiangnan He, Richang Hong, Tat-Seng Chua [Poster]
3. Data Augmentation with Conditional Generation – Qianru Sun [Poster]
4. Reasoning over Knowledge Graph for Recommendation – Xiang Wang, Xiangnan He, Fuli Feng, Tat-Seng Chua [Poster]
5. Adversarial Personalized Ranking Towards Robust Recommender Systems – Xiangnan He, Zhankui He, Xiaoyu Du, Tat-Seng Chua [Poster]
6. What Does Social Media Say About Your Stress? – Lin Huijie, Jia Jia, Nie Liqiang, Sheng Guangyao, Chua Tat-Seng [Poster]
7. Semantic Segmentation of 3D point clouds for Indoor Scenes – Zhao Na, Tat-Seng Chua [Poster]
8. Understanding Skincare Consumers – 6Estates [Poster]
9. Identifying Industry Trends – 6Estates [Poster]