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NExT++ Workshop at Wuxi

26 September, 2017 by NExT

The second NExT++ workshop 2017, organized by NUS-THU-SOTON Centre for Extreme Search (NExT++), in collaboration with Tsinghua University and University of Southampton, was held at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China, from 26 – 27 September 2017. 

With “AI Solutions to Information Rich Open Problems” as the theme, principal investigators from three universities came together to explore various questions ranging from search performance, users’ profiling, knowledge graph, visual object extraction to the latest issues on healthcare system, MOOCs and mental health detection. The workshop also invited Dr Yu Kai, AISpeech, Dr Chen Haiqing, Alibaba group and Dr Zhao Wenlai, National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China to present their research breakthrough.

The workshop was attended by 60 participants from universities and industry collaborators in China. NExT++ is the first joint research centre established by NUS, Tsinghua University of China and University of Southampton, conducting research in areas of large-scale live social media content analysis and search and generation of multimedia multilingual analytics.

The 2nd NExT++ Workshop @ China 2017
26-27 September 2017
National Supercomputer Center in Wuxi
1 Yinbai Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Theme: “AI Solutions to Information Rich Open Problems”

Program Rundown:

[0845-0930] Opening Address [Artwork]
by Prof Chua Tat Seng [Slides], Prof Sun Maosong and Prof Wendy Hall [Slides]

[0930-1100] Key Research Focus on Wellness Project
by Prof Zhang Bo [Slides] [Artwork], Prof Ngo Chong Wah [Slides] [Artwork], Prof Jia Jia [Slides] [Artwork], Dr Ming Zhaoyan [Slides] [Artwork]

[1130-1200] Research Talks (Part 1) [Artwork]
Research Talk 1: Dr Aastha Madaan [Slides]
Research Talk 2: Prof Tang Jie  [Slides]

[1200-1300] Research Posters Presentation (3 mins for each student) by PhD Students:
1. Peter West  [Slides] [Poster]
2. Chira Tochia [Slides] [Poster]
3. Qian Qiao  [Slides] [Poster]
4. Ma Yunshan [Slides] [Poster]
5. Zhao Na [Slides] [Poster]
6. Wang Xiang [Slides] [Poster]
7. Shang Xindi [Slides] [Poster]
8. Feng Wenzheng[Slides] [Poster]
9. Zhang Meng [Slides] [Poster]
10. Pan Liangming [Slides] [Poster]
11. Yang Yuji [Slides] [Poster]
12. Gao Chen [Slides] [Poster]
13. Rahul Soni [Slides] [Poster]
14. Gelli Francesco [Slides] [Poster]
15. Feng Fuli [Slides] [Poster]
16. Liao Lizi [Slides] [Poster]
17. Kyaw Zaw Lin [Slides] [Poster]
18. Lin Yankai [Slides] [Poster]
19. Zhou Linjun [Slides] [Poster]
20. Mao Jiaxin [Slides] [Poster]

[1400-1630] Invited Industrial Talks
Industrial Talk 1: Prof Chen Haiqing (Alixiaomi) [Slides] [Artwork]
Industrial Talk 2: Prof Yu Kai (AI Speech) [Slides] [Artwork]
Industrial Talk 3: Prof Zhao Wenlai (National Supercomputer Centre in Wuxi) [Slides] [Artwork]

[1700-1815] Research Talks (Part 2)
Research Talk 3: Prof Liu Yiqun [Slides] [Artwork] & Prof Zhang Min [Slides] [Artwork]
Research Talk 4: Prof Liu Zhiyuan [Slides] [Artwork] & Mr Shang Xindi [Slides] [Artwork]
Research Talk 5: Prof Li Yong [Slides] [Artwork] & Dr He Xiangnan [Slides]

Link to download all relevant slides, posters, photos and artwork
Link (链接):  Password (密码): 4vc5