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NExT++ Workshop 2019 (Singapore)

7 March, 2019 by Yi Hao Chua

NExT++ Workshop 2019
25-26 April 2019
The Hangar, NUS Enterprise (Map)
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
ICUBE Building
Singapore 119613

Please register at the following link:

The program of the workshop can be found here:

Day 1 (25 April 2019)
[0830 – 0900] Registration
[0900 – 0920] Opening Session
by Prof Chua Tat Seng (National University of Singapore), Prof Sun Maosong (Tsinghua University) & Prof Wendy Hall (University of Southampton) [PPT]

[0920 – 1030] Session 1: Explainable and Socially Responsible AI
Talk  1: “Socially Responsible AI” by Wendy Hall (University of Southampton) [PPT]
Talk 2: “Explainable AI Framework” by Wang Xiang (NUS) [PPT]

[1030 – 1100] Morning Tea

[1100 – 1240] Session 2: Fintech Applications
Talk 3: “AI Research for Smart Customer Relationship Management” by Steven Hoi (Salesforce) [PPT]
Talk 4: “Collaborative and Community-based AI research in Finance” by Lionel Semonin (Four Elements Capital) [PPT]
Talk 5: “Financial Asset Price Prediction” by Feng Fuli (NUS) [PPT]

[1240 – 1430] Lunch & Poster Session

[1430 – 1610] Session 3: Video Understanding: Causality and Relations
Talk 6: “Marrying Causality and Association with Visual Learning” by Cui Peng (Tsinghua University) [PPT]
Talk 7: “Multi-party Live Video Streaming over DASH” by Ooi Wei Tsang (NUS) [PPT]
Talk 8: “Towards Video Graph: Relation-Aware Association” by Shang Xindi (NUS) [PPT]

[1610 – 1630] Afternoon Tea

[1630 – 1730] Session 4: NLP and Insights
Talk 9: “Sentiment, Aspect and Stance Analysis” by Zhang Min (Soochow University) [PPT]
Talk 10: “IR Techniques to Facilitate Discussion in Online Forums” by Kan Min-Yen (NUS) [PPT]

[1750] End of Day 1

Day 2 (26 April 2019) [Main Workshop]
[0830 – 0900] Registration

[0900 – 1040] Session 5: Security and Privacy
Talk 11: “Synthetic Data Generation with Differential Privacy” by Xiao Xiaokui (NUS) [PPT]
Talk 12: “System Log Security Analysis via Recommendation” by Liang Zhenkai (NUS) [PPT]
Talk 13: “Fusion of AI and Security: Two Specific Applications” by Zhang Chao (Tsinghua University) [PPT]

[1040 – 1100] Morning Tea

[1100 – 1240]
Talk 14: “Third-Party Logistics: The Missing Puzzle in Big Data Analytics” by Ng Kian Sin (Kuehne+Nagel) [PPT]
Talk 15: “Intelligent Text Input Techniques and Applications” by Yu Chun (Tsinghua University) [PPT]
Talk 16: “Rep the Set: Neural Networks for Learning Set Representations” by Michalis Vazirgiannis (École Polytechnique) [PPT]

[1240 – 1250] Closing Remark and End of Main Workshop

[1250 – 1400] Lunch

Day 2 (26 April 2019) [Parallel Session on Wellness for Internal Participants]

[0900 – 1030] Session A: DietLens at Work
Talk A: “Wellness at NExT++” by Wendy Hall (University of Southampton)
Talk B: “DietLens: From Food Recognition to Nutrition Intervention” by Ming Zhaoyan (NUS) [PPT]
Talk C: “Domain-Specific Knowledge Graph Construction: Towards Wellness Applications” by Cao Yixin (NUS) [PPT]

[1040 – 1100] Morning Tea

[1100 – 1250] Systems Demo and Hands-On
Talk D: “The Systems Architecture and Demos of DietLens” by Jonathan Staniforth (University of Southampton) [PPT]
Discussion Session

[1250 – 1400] Lunch

[1400 – 1600] Discussion Session on Wellness Applications in Europe and Asia as well as issues in Deployment

[1600] Afternoon Tea and Closing